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Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy

Martial Arts in Dursley, Gloucestershire

The Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy has been a leading Martial Arts school in Dursley, Gloucestershire since 1995 and is based at Cam Everlands School, we have classes for men, women and children of all ages.

Our classes are all taught under Master Richard Olpin, a 6th Degree Black Belt, and GIMA’s Instructor of the Year.

Our system is a blending of traditional and contemporary martial arts that offers you not only an effective self defence program, but means for a personal development, character development, and self discipline.

Take a look at the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy website here

The Meaning of “Ilyo Mu-Do Kwan"

Although we usually refer to our school as the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy, technically, the full name for Master Olpin’s school is the “Ilyo Mu-do Kwan”.


This translates as follows:

橾蹂 ‘Ilyo’

The state of spiritual cultivation in Buddhism is called ‘Ilyo’ which means more or less ‘oneness’. When a state of Ilyo is achieved, body and mind and spirit are unified.

The ultimate ideal of the Martial Arts can be found in this state. It is a discipline in which we concentrate on every movement leaving all materialistic thoughts, obsessions and external influences behind. We act in a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit with no need for conscious thought or external distractions. This is the ultimate goal for a Martial Artist.

鼠獎 ‘‘Mu-Do”

Mu-Do simply translated is the Korean translation for “Martial Art”.

婦 ‘Kwan’

Kwan is the Korean word for ‘School’, General Choi, the founder of Taekwondo named his school the ‘Oh Do Kwan’ (school of my way), there are many others, such as ‘Mu Duk Kwan’, ‘Han Mu Kwan’ etc.

The term ‘Kwan’ does not in itself represent an art or style, simply the name of the school which was formed by a particular instructor.

TaeKwonDo in Korean
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