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About this project

About me 

I am currently a Black Belt Candidate and this site has been developed as one of my goals in supporting my school and the general development of Taekwondo. 


I have loved almost every aspect of the physical side of learning Taekwondo since starting training but have found the time constraints of ‘normal life’ to have restricted my efforts to get to grips with the Taekwondo theory, associated Korean language, pattern definitions, etc.


The aim of the website is therefore to be a fun and useful for resource for anyone following a similar Traditional Chang-hon style Taekwondo syllabus, with the added benefit of soaking up the theory knowledge better myself as I present this on the site.


Please also be aware that the syllabus covered here may not specifically match your own so please make sure you get any available literature directly from your school. Particularly if you are preparing for a grading or theory examination. But I hope you can use this site time and again and as reference point.

None of the views or information presented on this site should be read as gospel. I have done my best to ensure accuracy and relevance to the syllabus followed by my school. All views are my own and you should always consult with your own leadership team and follow appropriate medical advice before undertaking any physical activity for the first time.

If you have any suggestions for the site for improvements or additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Patterns and videos

One of my favourite elements of our training is learning the traditional patterns. I have spent time looking through YouTube videos to find demonstrations of the pattern I think are useful. 


These videos across the site have been selected from videos freely available on YouTube. Not all videos will be in the exact Taekwondo style you practise. As with most things in the martial arts, it is best practice to learn these directly from your instructor in the first instance. 


The tables giving the sequence of moves should work on all mobile phones so if you are working through your patterns at home or in your head whilst sat on the bus, then I hope these pages can be useful as prompts and reminders for the sequences.

Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy

I train at the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy in Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK.


Read more for further details or take a look at the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy website here

TaeKwonDo in Korean
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