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As you progress through your belts, you will need to learn more than just the moves. This site aims to help you get to grips with the background, theory, and history of Taekwondo so you can concentrate on hitting your own goals. This broadly covers the Traditional Chang-hon style Taekwondo syllabus:

- Patterns

- Belts and meanings

- Pair-work and set sparring

- Taekwondo history

- Korean language

- Fitness

As this project grows, I aim to build up some useful and interesting articles on the martial arts in general.


 Please note: all schools' protocols, syllabuses, and teaching styles will be different. Please refer to your own schools' instruction before undertaking any examinations or gradings. 

Welcome to TaeKwonDo.Tips

This is my black belt project.

my GOAL IS to help you get yours!

A look into the colour belt patterns with history, links to videos and more.

- Belt meanings

- Tying your belt!

- Ranks and Promotion

- Three step sparring

- Two step sparring


theory and history

Learn more about Taekwondo and its origins

Common words, phrases and terms used in the martial arts,and their meanings.

fitness & stretching

- Stretching tips

- Fitness tips

Pages coming soon!

self defenCe & BUNKAI

- Self defence basics 

- Bunkai explained (here's where it gets interesting!)

Pages coming soon!

My blog about things I have found interesting along the way.

TaeKwonDo in Korean
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